Affiliate MarketingWhat is Affiliate Marketing?

You have found your niche, now what?

From the Ebook: How is that working – by Robert Hollis and Max J. Miller

“People are usually surprised when I tell them the biggest earners online are individuals and companies that promote products and services produced by others.”

“Today people promote their favorite movies, shoes, jeans, music, videos, articles, pictures, and all sorts of brands and designer labels. They do this through “likes,” “pins,” and other links on their social media sites.”

“Why not learn to get paid for that?”

“…getting paid over and over (like a royalty) for work I do once.”

Affiliate Marketing is very simple: you are promoting products (your niche) you like or you are an expert of. On your blog,  your website or even on your social media sites you are going to put advertising links or banner of the products. When People then click on it, they are ending up on the company’s website. If they choose to buy the product, you are going to earn affiliate commission.

In order to do this, you have to sign-up for an affiliate program or an affiliate network (you need to indicate a blog or a website for the application).

To give you an idea, here are some well-known networks which offer Affiliate Marketing:

Amazon Associates
Commission Junction

You are going to sign-up with some of these affiliate networks. When you are been accepted, they provide you with your affiliate links to put on your website, your blog or social media sites. These links are tracking all your costumers, so the company knows they are coming from your website and you are getting commissions.

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What is Affiliate Marketing

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