This Blender tutorial is meant to be for beginners, as I am a newbie, (with a little bit of a Blender experience) myself.

How to make an Object Emit Light in Blender

Indirect Lighting – Glow Effect in Blender

Glow Effect in Blender
Glow Effect in Blender – ©

In Blender, there is a very easy way to make the objects glow just like this:

There are different ways to create a Glow Effect in Blender, such as the Compositor, but I did not try that way to do it, yet.

I discovered the Indirect Lighting, and for a newbie, as I am, it is a very effective and simple way to make objects glow in a very short time.

With this method, you don’t need to position a lamp near the object, you just need to change a few settings with only a few clicks. That’s what suits me a lot! 😀

Making a Glow Effect with 3D text looks pretty cool, see here the effect with and without indirect lighting:

I’ll show you in a few steps how you can get this:



How to make an Object Emit Light in Blender

Glow Effect in Blender
3D Text with Glow Effect in Blender

In this case, I’ll show you the Glow Effect on a 3D Text:

Delete the cube and the lamp with (first RMC – Right Mouse Click – on the lamp)

Shift + A: Add Text

R + X + 90 – Enter (now text is upright)

Zoom in (scroll Mouse wheel)

By holding the Mouse wheel and moving the Mouse, you can change the view of the text.

Tab – Delete “Text” and Enter your Text – Tab

Now, open the Fonts tab in the Properties Editor on the right side. If you don’t see the F button like below, the window is too narrow and you have to widen it or simply scroll the button row with your Mouse wheel over the icons before you continue):

Fonts Tab in Blender
Fonts Tab in Blender


Click on the F button in the red frame

I alway take the chance to scroll down to Paragraph section first to click on “Center” in order to centre the text.

Now, scroll up to the Geometry settings as shown in the second red frame:

You can change the Offset of Modification (I did not in this example)

Change the Depth to 0.006 (or more)

Extrude the text and make it 3D











Now, make sure that your cursor is in the centre of the grid. It should be, but if you made a mistake, it’s not in the centre anymore.
In this case, press SHIFT + S: “Cursor to Center”. Now you can be sure, that the plane you are going to add will be in the right place.

Shift + A: Add a Plane (make sure there is a small distance between the plane and the text, so move the plane a bit down with the blue arrow)

Scale up the plane with S as much as possible (click S and scale up by moving your mouse, then LMC Left Mouse Click).

Note: you can always undo a setting by clicking STRG + Z


Now, RMC (Right Mouse Click) on the text and got to the Materials tab of the Properties Editor, again:

Material Tab of Blender
Material Tab of Blender


Click on the Material button (icon in the red frame)

Click on “New”

Choose a colour (first red arrow)

Set the Diffuse Intensity to 1 (second arrow)

Set the Specular Intensity to 0 (third arrow)

Emit: 1 or 2 (fourth arrow) – If you forget this setting, the object will not glow!

Note: always play around with the settings to see how it works for you.











Now we are going to set up the Indirect Lighting – go to the World tab, always in the Properties Editor:

World Tab of Blender
World Tab of Blender


Click on the icon in the red frame for the World settings

Scroll down and activate the Indirect Lighting (first arrow)

Click on Approximate (second arrow)

You can increase the number of Passes below Approximate, in this example, I left it as it is.














You’re done with the settings! Now check the camera view:

Click Numpad “0” to go into camera view:
RMC (Right Mouse Click) on the text.

Now you are going to position the text with the arrows and R + Z to rotate it and adjust the camera settings

Note: you can do this step also right at the beginning after adding the text.

To finish the settings, hit the N key to open the Transform Properties panel on the right side and enable “Lock Camera to View” to adjust the camera.

You can now zoom the object by scrolling with the Mouse wheel, SHIFT + hold the Mouse wheel and simply hold the Mouse wheel while moving the text in order to get the object in the right camera position. See my camera view below:

Glow Effect in Blender
Glow Effect in Blender – ©

When you are happy with your settings, disable “Lock Camera to View” and click F12 to render the scene.
You are done! To edit the Render mode, just hit Escape.

Glow Effect in Blender
Glow Effect in Blender

Congratulations! With only a few clicks you have a beautiful glowing object made with Blender!

Don’t forget to save the blender file and the image:

Click on File in the top bar: Save – choose a folder to save – Save as Blender File

To save only the image:

Blender bar Interface

Below the image (interface) you see the bar above:
Click on ImageSave as Image – Name the Image – Save as Image

By default, the saved image is a PNG file. But you can always change the file format in the Properties editor.

Read here my other article about my first experiences with Blender. You will find a Hotkeys Cheatsheet to Download there and some more information about Blender.

You can find a list of the Hotkeys of Blender also here.

Hope, you enjoyed this tutorial and you are having fun with Blender!



Blender Tutorial: Indirect Lighting – Glow Effect in Blender

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      Hi Jeff!
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