Strong Women Digital Nomad

Become a Digital Nomad and be Your Own Boss!

A Digital Nomad operates his laptop business in any corners of the world while traveling or at home.
A Digital Nomad knows how to make money online or make money from home.
A Digital Nomad is independent and that’s exactly what I always wanted to be!

The choice to travel the world or simply staying at home with your family while working is getting more and more important to so many people.

Being a Digital Nomad allows me the freedom to choose!

I love the idea to live in two or three different countries a year and be able to work from any place I want. But I also love the idea to stay in the comfort of my home with my family without commuting.
Getting up whenever I like, having breakfast whenever I please and start working – whenever I want!
Yes!! That’s what I wanted!!

I discovered that I have no problems working or learning until late at night because when you like what you are doing you do not consider it as work! So, make your hobby to your business and you never have to work again! 😀

Knowing that I needed something that offers me the knowledge to get there. I did not know very much about websites and online business in general. But I was keen to learn everything about it but did not know where to start.

By chance, I discovered the Wealthy Affiliate University in Summer 2016 and I was ready to join. I am very happy how much I am able to learn every day within this awesome community.

Digital Nomad Pass

After joining the Wealthy Affiliate University, I’m feeling like having a Digital Nomad Pass in my hands!

I’m in the right place to learn how to build websites with WordPress (I got my WordPress Visa, haha)!

I own a VIP Backstage Affiliate Ticket: I’m learning everything about Affiliate Marketing from experts!

So, what about you? When do you apply for your Digital Nomad Pass? 😉

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