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Does it Really Work?

If you are searching for ways to get traffic to your website for free, then this review about GetMyAds is for you:

Company name: GetMyAds Traffic Solutions Ltd.
Room 1120, Lee Garden One, 33 Hysan Avenue Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
CEO: Frank Hanson
Price per AdPack: $ 50,-
Program start: 2011 only for business costumers, the PayBack program start was February 18th, 2016


GetMyAds is a partner of more than 75 Traffic Networks worldwide in several languages.

It’s a traffic network with a PayBack program and not an investment program. You are buying traffic from GetMyAds.

After registering, you can buy AdPacks (Token) which become part of the 600 days PayBack program.
1 AdPack costs 50 $ and you simply activate the Token by activating an advertisement campaign with 200 ad clicks for a website of your choice (can be also a facebook site). That’s how you get traffic on your website. If you don’t have a website, you can use your GetMyAds landing page and get the traffic on that website.

You don’t need to buy a Token, you can only join for free and refer GetMyAds as an affiliate partner. If you are lucky and have very active members in your downline, you are able to earn some passive income without being a paying member.

How does the PayBack program work?


With every purchased Token 40% of the $50,- (which is $ 20,-) goes into the PayBack Pool.

The Bonus is paid via that pool. That also means the Bonus balance is dynamic and can have different values.

In average, the number of Tokens sold the previous weeks will be used as a benchmark.

The PayBack pool is fluctuating bonus, which GetMyAds pays out by the hour.

Example: If you buy 10 Tokens in the Value of $ 500,- and the PayBack in the current Week is 1% per day, you will receive $ 5,- per day in 24 steps (hours), per step (hour) it’s $ 0,2083 payout.

50 % of the payout will be added to your commission account and the other 50 % will be added to your Re-buy account, with which you can purchase new Tokens. The credit on your commission account can also be used to purchase new Tokens.


Has GetMyAds also an Affiliate program?



How much can I earn with the Affiliate Program?


When you get new customers to GetMyAds, you receive 12 %, which is $ 6 for every Token your direct Customer purchases from GetMyAds, as long as he stays active.

When your customer brings in more customers because he is convinced with GetMyAds, he will receive 12 %, which is $ 6,- commission and you will receive 12 % as well, which is $ 6,- commission for every Token that your indirect customers will purchase.

Beyond that, there is also a Mentor Bonus, which is paid out to all affiliates, who actively support their team. The Mentor Bonus increases with activity as an affiliate and over time. It is a flexible Bonus, which is financed through a pool and its distributions are paid out according to the calculation.

Example: When you recruit 10 Customers, who purchase 10 Tokens each, you immediately receive a commission of $ 600,- and you can use that commission to purchase more Tokens for yourself or have it paid out to your bank account.

When your 10 customers would do the same, meaning they also find 10 customers each, who then purchase 10 Tokens each, you will receive $ 6000,- and shortly after you can expect your juicy Mentor Bonus, which can also be paid out directly to your bank account.




The daily percentage increase of the purchased Token is about 1 %.
There is no need to click on ads.
You don’t need to be a paying member in order to earn a passive income.
You don’t need to refer minimum 2 new members, there is no binary plan like in many other networks. One active member in your downline and you can earn affiliate commission.
If you own a website you are getting traffic to this specific website.


You can not be 100 % sure that you are getting the 200 clicks on your website. I know from members who have Google Analytics and visitor counters on their website, that the 200 clicks could not be confirmed, but only about 80 clicks per campaign.
PayBack is not guaranteed, so there is always a risk.
In order to increase your commission, you are been forced indirectly to register other members without knowing for yourself the risks of this advertising product.
I’ve read in some forums that the paying out process is very long and at the moment (January 2017) it can take up to 2 months or even more!


If you have a website and you need to get more traffic on your website, maybe it is worth a try, even if the 200 promised clicks are not confirmed. Although, in my opinion, the bounce rate of the clicks can affect in a negative manner your search engine rankings.

It might be ok to register as a non-paying member and to build a downline without being a paying member, when you know some interested people who want to give it a try. I’ve heard from someone who only registered members without having purchased any AdPack and he is earning a very nice amount of a passive income. But I did not see it with my eyes…

In my opinion, the saturation point of the company has arrived, but I might be wrong. Many members are already complaining about the long paying out times (2 months and more) and are worrying now about the pending payout requests, which is not a good sign as we know from other networks who disappeared after that point… hopefully, I am wrong about this.

So, if you are searching for ways to get traffic to your website for free, this might be work for you.

But, be careful what you invest (ok, they say, GetMyAds is not an investment, you are buying Ads)!  – Invest only what you can afford to lose…


Update March 2017:

In the meantime, GetMyAds added a new payment company to the back office called MyMercuryCard.

Due to this changes, people who requested a payment prior to this changes are waiting now for weeks to get their payout.

Could it be that the saturation point of GetMyAds is finally reached?

Could it be that this is the real reason why GetMyAds is always apologising for the delay when people are writing to the support team?

It looks like to me, so, be careful.

Update April 2017:

GetMyAds has sent an Email to all its members, and it’s confirming my doubts I have since March when I said that the saturation point has finally arrived (see above).

See here the Email from 10th April 2017, part one:

GetMyAds Email to the members

Normally, a restructuring of the company is nothing to worry about, but they are admitting that the company cannot handle the challenges anymore. It’s not a good sign. Let’s see part two and three:

GetMyAds Email to the members

GetMyAds Email to the members

This sounds not good, indeed, what they are writing about the PayBack Program. Can you feel the negative vibes in this part of the Email? Using the terms “sad” or “mad” does not help here… But let’s go on with part four:

GetMyAds Email to the members

Now the new payment MyMercuryCard and the members are to blame! MyMercuryCard got “massive attacks on social media by the own members” and that’s the reason why the “bank in the background stopped everything!”

And again so many negative terms used in this writing… See the last part:

GetMyAds Email to the members

If we really hear again from GetMyAds and from the new traffic solutions, we will be surprised. Let’s stay focused…

Update October 2017:

I am very surprised to still see the website of GetMyAds active, because they are not paying any money anymore…

I tried to access my account, but I got this message:






Why does this not surprise me? 😉

Stay away from GetMyAds, it’s a Scam!

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