If you don’t know what a Dead Link or a No Link Menu Item is, then hover your mouse over the Page „Reviews“ of this website.
Click on it, it won’t bring you anywhere, it’s a Dead Link, you can only click on the dropdown menu.

It’s meant to be like this, I don’t want the Reviews-Page to be clickable because I don’t want to write any content in it – why?
Because it’s self-explaining, I don’t need content.

A more common example to use a Dead Link is for the “Shop”-Page, it’s self-explaining as well.


Now, this Dead Link is a Custom Dropdown Menu Trick I want to show you now:


Go to your WordPress Editor: Appearance – Menus

See image below: on the left side, you see “Menus” and, as the red arrow shows, “Custom Links”. Click on it.



Image above: follow the red arrow and go with your mouse to “URL” – left mouse click.

Now, fill in as shown in this following image:


The Hashtag is the trick: instead of indicating a URL (which would open this specific website by clicking on that Page) you simply put a Hashtag in it in order to make the Menu not clickable.

The Link Text is the Title of the Page, in my case “Reviews” (or Home or Shop etc.).

Click “Add to Menu”


That’s it! Now you have the non-clickable Page at the bottom of your Menu. Drag and Drop it in the right position, in my case just below the “Getting Started” Page.

Don’t forget to Save your Menu.

Now you can create new Pages and add them as sub-items to the Dead Link.

If you have any questions, leave them below. I will be more than happy to help you out.


How to Create a Dead Link in WordPress

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