Looking for an efficient keyword research engine with free keyword research? Then this Jaaxy review might be for you!


Jaaxy Research Engine
Jaaxy Research Engine

In this review I’m be showing you what is important for your Keyword Research, because the right Keyword Research saves you a lot of time.

The main things you should care about are:

#1 How much COMPETITION does the keyword have
#2 Does it get enough TRAFFIC
#3 The keyword has to MAKE SENSE to a human being



#1 How much competition does the keyword have

Competition (QSR) = Quoted Serch Results: the number of competing websites ranked in Google for this exact keyword

To be successful you definitely will go for keywords that have 100 results in Google than terms that have maybe 100.000? This is called the Search Engine Competition. The lower the competition of your keyword the higher the ranking will more likely be.

Find out your true competition. Search for a keyword and you are going to know with how many sites you are competing online for this keyword!

To get ranked by search engines these days you need a keyword with less than 400, better 300 quoted search results (QSR).

You can do all this research with Google, but keep in mind, that Google is not a keyword tool, but a Search Engine. In order to know the competing sites of a keyword, let’s say you are searching for the term “how to dye your hair grey”,  don’t just look at the number of pages under the search box

Google Search Example






but click to the last page

Google Search Result





and check now the page results again: you might be surprised to find a different result number of pages.

Google Search Result







In order to avoid a lot of clicking, you can get this quicker by using Jaxxy as the more efficient keyword search tool. Jaaxy provides you with any QSR for any search within a few seconds.


Jaaxy Search Engine


By clicking on QSR, it shows you the accurate number of 79 competing websites ranked in Google for this exact keyword!

And, in addition, you see a list of similar keywords you can consider for your content.

#2 Does it get enough traffic

Traffic = the average number of searches that the keyword receives per month

Jaaxy shows you the exact monthly traffic:

Jaaxy Search Engine









I would recommend over 100 monthly searches for my keywords, so in this example, we have 89 clicks per month which is fine, because it doesn’t mean that this keyword doesn’t get any traffic at all, and with the competition of 79, we could be able to get first page rankings in the search engines.


#3 The keyword has to make sense to a human being

You have to search for terms a human being would search for! Instead of “how to dye hair grey” searching for “how grey hair” is useless and confusing and does not make sense.

Don’t forget the three steps to follow:

#1: Your keyword must have less than 400 (better 300) quoted search results
#2: Your keyword must have more than 100 monthly clicks (searches)
#3: The keyword must make sense

With the free membership of Jaaxy, you have 30 free searches. Go ahead and give it a try now by typing some keywords in the Jaaxy search engine below:


Last but not least I show you an overview of the three memberships of Jaaxy!

Jaaxy Memberships



















Here I give you a link to a Jaaxy Review of a Wealthy Affiliate member, check this out!

Thank you for reading my Jaaxy Review. If you have any questions, drop me a line.

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