After learning the basics of Blender 3D Software, I decided to create some free Website Intro Videos with Blender 3D Software for my two websites.

As I am German speaking, I found a very nice German video tutorial about how making a nice Welcome Intro:

In this video, I learned not only how to create a 3D text with glow effect, but also how to set up Keyframes with LocRotScale for the short video animation.

I must admit, I had to try it three times in order make it work!

Watch my very first creation of a Welcome Intro for my website below:

My Keyframe Settings in this video: 0 – 50 – 75 – 100

I was wondering why there was no glow effect, but finally, I found out, why:
the Indirect Lighting was not working because of the missing Emit Settings under Shading. I simply forgot it.

I uploaded the new Blender version 2.78c and gave it another try and the result was much better! Watch my second creation of my Website Intro Video made from scratch with Blender below:



I uploaded the videos to my Youtube channel and added a background sound with just a few clicks.

My Keyframe Settings in this video: 0 – 50 – 75 – 125

I wanted to go a step further and try another animation video as an intro for my other website, based on this English speaking video:

The result was awesome!
My third creation of my Website Intro Video,
this time with an Animation:

I made some colour changes: instead of colouring the 3D text I chose a nice green for the plane, instead.

This 7 seconds animation took me 3 hours to render, but it was worth it.

As my website theme allows to add a video to my website header of the homepage, I wanted to use that feature and I am very happy with my own creations! 😀

If I could do this as a total newbie, you can do this as well! 😀



My Website Intro Videos

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