The Travelpayouts WordPress Plugin is a travel plugin for WordPress and easy to install. With an ordinary plugin, you are able to add many different search forms for flights (Jetradar) and hotels searches (Hotellook) to your website!

As it seemed so easy to handle, I wanted to use it on one of my new websites.

Please note: I am not getting any credits or commissions for this review, I only want to share my experience with you.

First I want to show you this video about the Travelpayouts Plugin:

After installing and activating the plugin in the WordPress editor, I had to sign up for the Travelpayouts Affiliate Program. In the back office I was given and API key which I had to embed into the Plugin settings.

Now my WordPress editor looked different:

widgets travelpayouts



Next to the “Add Media”-button you can see four more buttons: Table – Widget – Form – Link:

By clicking the buttons, you are getting a code which you can easily embed into the WordPress editor:

Tables with flights (I did not use them as there were no offers), Widgets for hotels and flights searches, Forms for search forms you can easily build with only a few clicks and Link for adding hyperlinks to your text.

There is also a Feature called Auto-links, which I did not use, either. You can use it to auto-change some words in your post.

For some of the widgets, you might need to change the settings first in order to get them as you wish.

I find the tables and the search forms very nice, here you can have a look at some screenshots I made (Note: in order to see how the widgets below all work, to can go to my website and see how they work):

Flights Hotels Search Engine
Flights Hotels Search Engine – click to see it on my website
Travelpayouts Search Form
Flights Hotels Search Engine


Travelpayouts Search Form
Flights Hotels Search Engine

Here are more options to choose:

Travelpayouts search forms options
Travelpayouts search forms options

See below the Best Deals Widget for Flights:

Best deals widget
Best Deals for Flights Widget – click to see it on my website


A Hotel Maps Widget with an example of Dublin/Ireland:

Hotel maps widget
Hotel Maps Widget – click to see it on my website


Travelpayouts Search Form
Travelpayouts Hotel Widget – click to see it on my website


And this Hotels Widget has always updated search results
(note: I cancelled the Hotel names):

Hotels Search Form
Hotels Search Form – click to see an example on my website


You can add Skyscanner, Kayak, Expedia and JetCost to the Search Engine:

Flight Searches with Jetradar
Flight Searches with Jetradar

I’ve been testing the Travelpayouts Plugin for a few weeks, I can say the following:


The Plugin is very easy to install and to use.

After entering a search for flights or hotels, the results are showing very quickly, which surprised me very much.

You can choose different colors and layouts for the tables and search forms.

The support is very nice and helpful. Within a few hours, you are getting your answers (from Russia).

White Label: you have the possibility to create your own White Label Search on your website (in order not to redirect users to and, but you create a subdomain for the searches), but I did not use it.

You don’t use the Plugin in order to get a commission, you simply can put your affiliate link or your banner with your affiliate link on your website or on your social media and it looks like this (only two examples):

Jetradar Banner
Hotellook Banner




The Plugin does incredibly decrease the loading speed of your website. After installing a Cache Plugin, the site speed was much better but still too slow in my opinion.

The tables did never show any results as there were no offers for my particular origins and destinations.

Putting “cheap flights or hotel offers” on your website may affect the look of your site in a negative manner, as people are thinking that you are “selling cheap hotels” (they are nothing but cheap offers and good deals). So, maybe you should consider this, too.

Regarding the Affiliate Program, I cannot say anything, as I installed the Plugin when I started my website from scratch and I had hardly traffic. First of all, I wanted to see how the widgets are working and how the search forms look like.

White Label: In order to be able to set up the White Label you have to own the domain and have also your own hosting.

My Conclusion:

The Plugin is very nice and easy to use for someone who has a travel related website with lots of traffic (but even without a website you can use the links for instance on your social media).

It has good looking search engines offering interesting price deals for Flights, Hotels, Cars and even Bus and Ferry Tickets for Thailand.

As you don’t need a website to place the offers (you simply can post your affiliate links on your social media accounts) it is a very valuable Plugin.

If you are thinking to use the Travelpayouts Plugin or just to join as an affiliate, you can do this without any risk and I hope this review or more my personal experiences with this Plugin are of any help to you.


Travelpayouts WordPress Plugin

6 thoughts on “Travelpayouts WordPress Plugin

  • March 21, 2018 at 4:51 am

    nice article. i have used this plugin in my site to display all of my site contents, such as hotels, flights, car rentals, taxi, tour and everything. yes, this plugin is easy to use.

    • March 21, 2018 at 6:50 am

      Thank you for your comment! Glad, you make the same experience with the plugin.

  • April 23, 2017 at 9:16 am

    If I ever wanna look for offers which website of yours should I visit?

  • March 30, 2017 at 2:20 pm

    Hi Gerlinde!

    Thanks for your warm words and suggestions to improve. We are improving our plugin non-stop. About your origin and destinations – it’s do can happen. As prices are from our cache for last 48 hours – there is a chance we don’t have data. But as a search will be performed for these destinations – tables will show prices.

    As for speeding up. We are developing new features and will come back to improving our plugin’s performance.

    Our support team and I are always happy to help our users.

    • March 30, 2017 at 2:45 pm

      Hello Alexey!
      Thank you for stopping by! Yes, I already know your kind and helpful support, I appreciate it very much! And I totally understand that there are not always offers for the tables, I just wanted to add some because they look so good! Yes, doing something about the speed would be very good! 🙂
      Thanks again,


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