There are so many nice fonts out there:



You may know that you can easily add some nice free fonts to your Windows Fonts File, right?

Just install them from a website that offers them for free – but always check the license for personal and commercial use – such as or – and they are ready to be used in your Word documents.

But, what if you would like to add them to your website header
or to your banner you created for your website?



What you need in this case is a transparent background of the fonts, otherwise it looks like the image below:

Make your own banner with Blender


Can you do that with Blender? Yes.

You can easily add any text in any font with a transparent background in order to use it for your headers, banners or images!

If you don’t know how to add text to Blender 3D Software read my tutorial about How to make a 3D Text with Glow Effect first.

Let’s get started!

How To Use Special Fonts in Blender 3D Software

Choose some eye-catching font for your headline – I discovered lately and really love their free fonts:


Install them and add the Windows Fonts File to the Blender Bookmarks:

Make Bookmarks in Blender
Blender Bookmarks








Delete the Cube with X

Shift + A: Add Text

Important: Do not rotate the text as you normally would do here to 90°, let the text where it is at the bottom, otherwise you won’t see the color you are going to add soon (you would only see a black color).

Tab: enter your text – Tab

Text properties: Font icon:


Centre the text (under Paragraph settings)

Font settings: choose your font:

Blender: choose your font








Geometry settings: Offset, Depth, Extrude, Resolution, Size if you want.
Play around a little bit, every font is different and sometimes less is more, here.

Material icon:



Choose your colour (Diffuse settings) – change the Intensity to 1
Specular settings: change the intensity to 0

Camera View Settings:

Numpad 1

CTRL + ALT + 0: to align camera to view

N: Check “Lock Camera To View”

Now, adjust the camera settings with your mouse wheel and shift key.

Uncheck “Lock Camera To View” – click N to close the Properties panel.

Transparent background:

Render – Shading – Alpha: change to Transparent:

Render – Shading – Transparent



















Save as Image

Note: The default settings of the Render Resolution is 1920 x 1080 pixels. You can change the settings to any size you want. For the Bohem Font of this example, 400 x 200 pixels would be the right size.
Increase the Resolution to 100 %.

You can change the sizes and save several images with different sizes with Save as Image.

Now you are ready for the final step!


Choose a template or enter the size you want.

Now, upload both, the header, banner or simply an image and the Blender font image and put them together:

Text and Banner created with ‘Blender 3D Software


Text and Banner created with ‘Blender 3D Software


You can be very creative here and play around with the different options of

Save and download your new header/banner, don’t forget to compress the new image with or before uploading to your website.

Congrats! You have created your own header or banner for your website! 😀

There might be easier ways to add some nice text to an image, but I like the fact that with Blender I can use very special fonts, change the size, the color, the texture and I can even change it to 3D with one click. That’s so awesome and gives me so many possibilities to be creative.

Have fun with Blender!

Use Special Fonts in Blender 3D Software

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